We would love to work with you -
    and immensely value being totally open and honest about everything we communicate when doing business.
    It helps to keep things quick, neat and fair for all.

    To secure all project related matter and provide security to all parties involved, and if not agreed upon differently in written notice, you

    • agree to treat this project confidential and care to protect according analog and digital contents provided towards access of third parties
    • agree to not publish any partial or finished content or designs until released by all parties
    • provide all quoted and booked contents to the best of your knowledge and skill and to keep agreed dates and limitations
    • confirm to not circumvent SLEKTION as agents for project continuation / further bookings on the base of this project

    Should you decide to cancel the project upon finalization based on choice, illness or force majeure, you might be subject to claims.
    These will of course NOT exceed the stage of the project at the time of cancellation and might only result in an obligation to return received upfront payments.