wilier triestina x jun inoue

For the Wilier Triestina x Jun Inoue „100 years of Shimano“ collaboration, we have been tasked to create something special, underlining the huge appreciation of partnership, of one iconic cycling brand for the other.

paria x slektion

Together with one of the coolest brands in cycling, we created the Paria x Slektion Artist Series. This ongoing project is featuring a ton of incredible designs on amazing cycling jerseys.

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asphaltgold x nike x lowbros

Germanys leading sneaker online retailer had the Low Bros provide an incredible mural right in the city center. On top, we created this really dope, state-of-the-art 3D animation..

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tbwa x anna t.iron

Pirate queen Anna T-Iron came down to visit the TBWA Headquarters in Germany – to leave an important message for the team at one of the leading global marketing agencies..

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