We would love to work with you -
    and immensely value being totally open and honest about everything we communicate when doing business.
    It helps to keep things quick, neat and fair for all.

    Please help us by providing the following info and confirming non-disclosure of all project related information.

    As access to this form has been provided by SLEKTION staff personally to me via email, I confirm my identity as stated above.
    Except otherwise agreed upon, I hereby confirm to receive confidential, project related information from SLEKTION and further to

    • treat all project related information confidential (specifically customer names, provided content, data or samples including budget information and third parties involved)
      and only share it within direct organization and with agents or representatives.
    • refrain from contacting any of the involved parties (individuals, companies, agencies, etc.) directly without SLEKTION consent and inclusion on project matter
      or to create a business opportunity based on this project information. This includes advising team, representatives, or agents to refrain from circumventing SLEKTION for direct business relation if information must be shared
    • take measures to protect and keep all contents and project related information safe and non-accessible to third parties
    • not publish designs or project content prior to full consent of all project parties involved
    • agree to being subject to claims and/or compensation should I or my affiliates infringe on the above