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Creative Collaborations

We envision, create and manage multi-level Artist x Brand Collaborations.


Content Design & Creation

We curate and manage the right creatives for your project.


Brand & Campaign Activation

Based on a global network of people and breathtaking locations, we create unique opportunities to get your project seen on a global scale


Strategy - IP - Authenticity

We advise on all things Graffiti and Urban Contemporary Art related, provide guidance though contemporary culture and handle intellectual property clearance. Oh yeah - and we know how to keep it real.


who the f

is slektion

slektion is a network of people around the globe, founded on the principle to support artists and creatives - while providing the upside of working with them to brands and agencies.

We have (and still do) worked in all type of industries from Marketing and Design to Action Sports and Art Supplies - that's what is helping us to not only understand your project from a brand angle, but also have a clear understanding of a successful operational strategy and what it takes to create, produce and ship factual consumer goods in a globalized world.

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